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DEAS -Data Entry At Source

Dear Customer

The DEAS site enables you can create your Consignment Details directly on the Web and send them to our DEAS Server using just your own list of Clients in a totally secure way.

Just create your Clients, using your own Client Numbers and our unique "Place" Codes which ensure your delivery goes to our Domestic Service for Home and Northern Ireland and to our Export Service for all other destinations.

"Drop-Down" lists help you to select the right "Place" Codes and other useful features like choosing the correct Terms of Delivery (the "Who Pays?" questions) and the right choice of Article Description where needed for some Export Markets.

Creating a Consignment on DEAS takes only seconds, and you can transfer the data to our Server as you wish - one by one, in Batches, or all at once. When you are ready you can request a Collection List which is your record of all Despatches for each day.

With your Zebra Label Printer you can also use our unique Labelling System to print Address Labels for each package - "Sets" of Hanging Garments and Cartons - which are pre-numbered by our System for Barcode Scanning of your Consignment and Package Numbers throughout Ireland and Europe.

Use DEAS by Euromode - the simple way to deliver Fashion to your Customer

To use this system you must first register with our process team to receive your unique user name and password.